Saturday, September 22, 2012

Would You Please ...

to please people around you
its just like to let people make you like a toy
ummi taught me that we need to please people
help them when they need us.
wether we like or not. thats are our responsible
as a khalifah in this earth.

ummi tell me to forget and forgive
she's say that if we help people
Allah will help us back
He will send someone to help us back
Yes. Someone that you never expected 
will help you.

When we cold, we have the sun
When we hot, we have the night
When the raindrops, we have the rainbow
Amazing 7 color
7 color like 7 world miracle

A miracle is a good deeds you make
Allah give the miracle
Everything in your life is about miracle
When you put your trust to Allah
The miracle will come to you

When you make a good deeds, You put it because of Allah.
The reason you did it is because of Allah. A sincere heart.
That's the best part of my life. to please people

by Aisya Ibrahim

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